Keg Overview

Because we professionally set up

each keg in store there's no need

to add any ice or adjust any

settings, leaving you to enjoy your

event and pour every beer you paid for.

Keg price includes all equipment

and set up. All kegs are 49.5 litres

unless stated. Click here for

delivery charges.



   New keg skins available

           from $19.99


         Kegerator Kegs


Got your own set up? We can

supply kegs for your kegerator.

Call 9370 4111 for pricing.





       BIG RED CUPS !!



Packs of 25 (425ml) just $9.



Packs of 40 (285ml) just $9.



We now have big red cups

                in BLUE!!

     Image result for blue cups

Packs of 25 (425ml) just $9.

Terms and Conditions


  • A $100 Bond applies to each Keg Hire Equipment Unit and is required to be paid by credit card at the time the booking is made. Additional charges may be levied should any damage exceed $100.
  • A $20 Bond applies to all Glassware Hire and is required to be paid by credit card at the time the booking is made. Additional charges may be levied should any damages exceed $20.
  • Breakage charges apply to all Equipment and Glassware Hire. Replacement cost for glassware is listed on our hire page. Cleaning charges apply to glassware returned dirty.
  •  The full replacement cost of the keg dispensing unit is $1500 should it be lost/stolen or written off.
  • Hire of the keg unit/s is for overnight only. Charges apply for pre-arranged extra night hiring. The unit/s will be picked up before 4pm the following day unless prior arrangements have been made. Additional charges may apply.
  • Customer Pick-up/Drop-offs are not permitted.
  • All customers must be over 18 and provide approved ID on delivery. Approved ID consists of Australian Drivers Licence, Valid Passport or WA 18+ Card.
  • 72 hours notice is required for keg orders (unless stated otherwise on the website). Last minute orders are subject to availability.
  • Any remaining beer in the kegs cannot be refunded.
  • The keg unit/s must remain at delivery location at all times.
  • Get-a-keg is not responsible for the conduct or behavior of people consuming Get-a-keg products. We encourage the responsible service of alcohol and support the harm minimisation policies of the department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor. For more details see Regulations.
  • The keg dispensing unit uses a mix of CO2 and Nitrogen. These gasses may be harmful or lethal if released in a confined space. The equipment is supplied in good working order and Get-a-keg take all care to ensure the system is operating safely. Get-a-keg customers use this equipment at their own risk and are not to tamper or alter the settings, fittings or internal components of the system in any way.



Click here to download the Hire Agreement.